About Us

Since 2007, we have been managing the commercial operations between the agricultural producers and food manufacturing industries, in order to help more people access healthy and safe food at more affordable costs. Extending our product range according to industrial needs and demands, we currently broker grain products, oilseeds, vegetable oils, and feedstuff. We also manage the international trade of raw materials for bakery, chocolate - biscuit - cake, dried nuts, and dairy industries.

Having built a sustainable bridge between soil and industry, we bring together reliable suppliers from all over the world with manufacturers who aim to achieve better. We closely follow the advancements in the global markets and inform our customers with daily market analysis and forecasts, so that they can make smarter decisions toward price and performance advantages. Thanks to our solution-oriented team, who have extensive experience of international trade regulations, we create reliable, fast, and profitable trade opportunities for our customers in all operational processes. Our professionally designed business operations and commitment to transparency led us to be preferred by the leading organizations of the food industry both in Turkey and abroad, and we are expanding our sphere of influence in global markets day by day.